Taking responsible steps for proper equine dentistry with your veterinarian will save you time, money, and will prevent more serious dental problems for your horse in the future. Proper dentistry will allow your horse to grind feed into small particles. This allows vital nutrients from quality feed to be successfully broken down in your horse’s digestive tract.

Many commonly treated issues stem from the over use of power tools from unregulated equine dentists who are not licensed to practice veterinary medicine. Do not allow a lay person to improperly perform teeth floating with hand tools and no sedation. This can cause issues with the molars (located at the back of the upper and lower jaw) which are essential for grinding.

Improper use of power tools can overheat the roof of your horse’s mouth. These problems can take years to surface. Due to improper dental care, abscesses form in the mouth and cause swelling that can cause inflammation, pain, and can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Proper dental care is important for horses old and young. Proper teeth floating in older horses is essential in order to maximize the nutrition acquired from quality feed. Proper dentistry in a young horse is instrumental for the prevention of overcrowding, as well as the development of hooks or ramps that can lead to life-long dental issues for your horse.